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Friday, September 28, 2012

From Russia With Love

Finally, went to Russia and met my in-laws! The photos can be found in the below link with some additional information about the places I visited.

From Russia With Love

Monday, September 06, 2010

Rides in the last 2 years

Here is a list of rides (worth mentioning IMO) that I have undertaken in the last couple years. The hyperlinks would direct you to, where I am a member and moderator. 

Pabbar Valley - Himachal Pradesh

Lahaul & Spiti Valley - Himachal Pradesh

Kunjakhadak - Uttarakhand

Triund Trek - Himachal Pradesh

Hatu Peak - Himachal Pradesh

Kausani - Uttarakhand

I hope you have enjoyed reading some of the logs and the pictures.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

MNS and the National Socialists

I fully support the suspension and beg to differ with the official view of The Times. The electorate is responsible for electing these hooligans and they shouldnt get away. MNS is a racist party, supported by racists who have no place in India forget Maharashtra. Unfortunately, the lame duck system will let Raj Thackerey get away with this, he and his bunch of skinheads deserves a punishment of the highest order for conspirating against the State of India and trying to wage a war against the State of India. They have blatantly violated basic previledges provided by the Indian constitution to all her citizens too many times.

In a previous post I had mentioned how neo-Nazi MNS is and today's incident of MNS MLAs attacking a fellow member elected by thousands of common Marathis proves this to the hilt. Their hatred towards the Hindi speaking population is slowly showing signs of similarity with Adolf Hitler's mindless hatred towards the jews. It is time that the Indian state views MNS and their supporters in the same light Europe and the world saw Hitler and the SS, the reaction should be similar as well - complete neutralisation of racist bigots who deserve no life and place under the Indian sun.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

NCR - National Calamity Territory

90% of the properties in NCR (including Delhi) have a hugely (and obscenely) inflated price tag attached to them and people have bought them taking 20 year bank loans while working in BPOs, Call Centres, IT Sector and other non stable jobs. An Indian sub prime meltdown in the making? The 2 BHKs and 3 BHKs in Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad are worth zilch ( not more than 10-12 lacs) due to the lack of basic infrastructure like power, drinking water, safe neighbourhood and usable public transport but take a look at their price tags.

There is no short term or long term solution to NCR power woes, come 2010 with the Common Wealth Games, Delhi will be brightened up 24/7 leaving the surrounding suburbs of Faridabad and Ghaziabad in darkness. Delhi doesnt have the water resources to produce its own power(hydel), neither its interested in alternative sources like solar power.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Royal Enfield Bullet, eh!

Writing in after a decade and stirring up what is an eternal debate amongst the Indian motorcycle community. But then this is my blog and I have all the rights to praise or dismiss any product/person/incident, so all you eue-brow raisers can eat my arse!
Ok, so whats the deal with the Bullet? I mean really, my small little 150cc Honda goes faster, handles better, returns greater fuel efficiency, brakes better and is thousandth time more reliable than the 350cc metal fat arses which roll out of the Chennai manufacturer's obsolete gates. I didnot buy a tractor to trail 150kgs of luggage when touring, I bought a frigging motorcycle. Its not without reason that the British motorcycle companies got wiped out by the Japanese whilst the Italians managed to hold on their own.
Pro-Bulleeters argue that Bullet is not about tyre screeching performance, its not about speed, its all about the presence, the old world charm, bla bla and multiple more blas. Well, what they forget that a motorcycle is mostly about, going around that corner faster, no breaking down anywhere and everywhere, not leaking oil like a sick bitch and definitely not costing more than its worth. Yep, I come from a Bulleeter family but all these bullcrap (by most Bulleeters) are simply an offense on the motorcycle which was an essential "trials bike" in UK. Heck, 95% of the present day Bulleeters do not even know that and think the Bullet is a cruiser.
I say, you must be pretty retarded to buy a Bullet and more to ride one. And you vouch for one, someone must surely send you to Guantanomo bay and meet Big Bob.

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